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Pesaro - S. Maria dei Servi Church

Restoration of some altar pieces depicting : "The Madonna with Child and S. Filippo Benzi" by Crespi (XVII Century); a copy of "Blessed Michelina" by Barocci (XVII Century); "Crucifixion" by Trometta (XVII Century); "The seven founders of the Order of Mary's Servants" by A. Balestra (XVII Century); "Resurrection" by Sebastiano Conca (XVII Century); "S. Pellegrino Laziosi miraculously cured by the Crucifix" by Andrea Bondi (XVII Century); "The Virgin's Conception" by Federico Zuccari (XVII Century); "The Madonna offering the scapular to Filippo Benzi" by S. Ceccarini (XVII Century); "The Flagelation" by a painter in the style of Caravaggio (XVII Century); "The Miracle of S. Antonio" by Lazzarini (XVII Century).
Commissioned by the S. Maria dei Servi Confraternity of Pesaro; work given firsthand by the Head of Artistic and Historical Assets of the Marche - Urbino.